Over 80% of our students access school catering facilities. Our Dining Room and Common Room catering facilities are run by a highy experienced team of cooks, led by our Chef and our Catering Manager. We use a cashless system so that students who are eligible for free school meals are not identifiable from other students and the systems adds peace of mind for parents and students because they do not have to carry money around in school. This system also helps to ensure that students spend their money properly in school on our healthy range of food. Students can top up their accounts by using the Revals which are located in the Dining Room and in the Science Quad. As a parent, you may wish to keep a track on what students are spending, by financing their school accounts via credit and debit cards, through our online payment system. Click here to go to online payments. Parents can also request a breakdown from Mrs Smith (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), outlining exactly what students have purchased during a school day or over a period of time.

Our food is of an extremely high standard; this is why the uptake for school meals is so high. We source local produce for our meals and they are carefully prepared to meet nutritional regulations. Our team of staff is highly trained and our resident Chef has vast experience in the catering industry. They ensure that meals are appetising and they regularly review menus, taking into account student and staff preferences. We are proud of the standards achieved and many of our staff use this facility to order food for themselves and their families.


Breakfast is served between 8am and 8:25am each morning in both the Common Room and the Dining Room. A full range of food options is available, from fruit to toast and tea and coffee.


During break, Year 11 can access our catering facilites via the Common Room and all other year groups use the Dining Room.  A full range of food and snacks is available for students to purchase.


During lunch, we offer a selection of hot and cold meals, including a vegetarian option. There is a meal deal to keep costs down; this includes a hot meal, a drink and a desert for £2.08. For current prices of all items, see the menus below. In addition to hot food, we offer a range of salads and a deli, where students create their perfect sandwiches, wraps and paninis. A full range of healthy drinks and deserts is also available.

Special Dietry Requirements

If your child has special dietry requirements, you can contact our kitchen team directly. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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