Duke of Edinburgh Awards

We encourage all students to work towards achieving the Duke of Edinburgh Award at Bronze and Silver level. This prestigious award will make your application to college, university or to a workplace stand out from other people's applications. Miss Button has overall responsibility for co-ordinating the DofE programme. You will recieve a letter in Year 9 and you should directly any queries to Mr Jackson: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Congratulations to all those students who completed the award this year.

What does it involve?

There are various sections to the award: Volunteering, Physical, Skills and of course the Expeditions.

  1. Volunteering: helping someone, your community, or the environment. For example with a charity, assisting younger students at football clubs, or in primary schools. Helping an older person with their gardening or shopping.
  2. Skills: developing existing talents or trying something new. For example showing progress with a musical instrument, fishing, a refereeing course, or other activities after school.
  3. Physical: becoming fitter through sport, dance, swimming, gym or fitness activities.
  4. Expeditions: planning, training for and completing an adventurous journey. Two day walks and two expeditions with overnight camp – Practice and Qualifying.


Taking part requires time and a sustained commitment – you must show progression and sustained interest over a period of time in each of these sections. There are also weekly training sessions which run from October to April.

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Duke of Edinburgh


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