Science, Technology, Engineering Art and Maths (STEAM) Activities

Our school affords our students many opportunities to engage in engineering-based activities in order to develop creativity, innovation, teamwork and problem-solving skills in all our students. We also liaise closely with our Primary Schools, Community and Business partners as part of our specialism commitment.  We ensure that these partnerships benefit our students not only through the specialist subjects but also through the wider curricular qualities of the engineer (teamwork, problem solving, creativity). We recognise the importance of international partnerships and the value of studying a foreign language in order that they can more fully appreciate life as a global citizen. This is reflected in Our Lady's inclusive curriculum and through our wider-curricular provision which includes:

  • Formula 1 in Schools
  • Engineering Weeks
  • National Science and Engineering Week
  • Maths Challenge
  • Escape Room Problem Solving
  • Mathletics
  • Video-conferencing with International Partners
  • Girls in STEM
  • Go-kart building
  • STEM Careers Event
  • 3D printing and design
  • CAD / CAM workshops
  • CAD / CAM Enterprise with the Hague
  • International Summer School
  • Global Justice Programme
  • Teachers of Tomorrow
  • International Links
  • Trips to industry
  • Future in STEM events
  • Eco Group
  • Assisted Debates


Mrs S. Clarke (STEAM, Business & International Links Co-ordinator) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

STEM Calendar of Events 2019/20

Half Term 1

Half Term 2

Half Term 3

Half Term 4

Half Term 5

Half Term 6

Eco Group Project

Utilise engineering pronciples of teamwork, Planning, problem solving and creativity to create sustainable eco blocks to be used around the school.

Careers Fayre

Arrange for visitors from the local Engineering community to participate in the KS4 careers Fayre.

Nurture and develop links with the wider community and engineering partnerships.

Raise aspirations and awareness of local opportunities.

F1 in Schools

Re launch Y10 and 11 f1 in schools group to participate in Regional finals 9th Sept 2020.


Launch KS3/4 CAD/CAM group to utilise specialist CAD and CAM facilities in the school and develop into a small business producing memorabilia and artefacts for the school and wider community.

STEM visit

MOSI 12/11/19 Year 9 Students

Maths Week

9th to 14th November

Students to develop mathematical skills and problem solving techniques in form time activities devised by the maths department.

KS3 F1 in Schools Launch

Build on CAD Cam club develop a team of Y7/8 students in planning for the Regional finals 2021

F1 in Schools regional Finals

Science Week

6th – 14th March 

Develop form time activities that embed science and engineering into form time and science lessons


Winstanley College 13th March

Open to Y10 – Universities and employers will showcase a range of degrees and careers opportunities along with workshops and guest speakers.

International Visit “The Hague”

Initial planning stage for the upcoming visit to involve potential students who will work with our visitors.

Visit to Scott 3M

AGT and PP visit TBC

Students will visit the Scott Safety 3M site.

Future you activity

A range of challenges to develop STEM skills and higher thinking skills

Apprenticeship Roadshow Y10

BAE/Essity/Scott 3M TBC

To showcase potential apprentice opportunities in the local area


13th to 20th July

Activities showcasing the STEM talents across the school

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