This section of our website aims to gather together and celebrate all the global development work that takes place through our school.

Our Lady's is committed to learning from the global community in a number of ways. One such way is through our commitment to global justice programmes. Through a number of initiatives, Our Lady's is following Pope Francis' call to become a Church of the Poor. Through supporting these different programmes, Our Lady's is living out the values and following the commandment of Christ to love our neighbour, be it in this country or further afield.

Partner Schools Worldwide

Since 2013 Our Lady Queen of Peace has been partnered with the village and school of Eguafo in Ghana. This partnership has enabled us to support the school by installing a water capture system in October 2015 and internal infrastructure work on classrooms in February in 2017 as well as the donation of various resources for teaching technology and science. Our students have benefited greatly by our involvement with Ghana through their increased awareness of global issues in a developing world country, firstly, on a curriculum level (Ghana, being written into KS3 Geography schemes of work, and science linking classroom activities between the two schools – solar power). Additionally, our work with Ghana over a number of years and our student visit to Sri Lanka in February 2019 have supported our extra-curricular commitment (fund raising and ‘in country’ projects) alongside our International School global partnerships with our other international link schools. Our next visit to Eguafo will take place in autumn 2020.


CAFOD is the official Oversees Development Agency for the Catholic Church of England and Wales, dedicated to educating young people about global injustice, responding to the challenges of global poverty and encouraging people to campaign against systems that keep people around the world poor.

CAFOD is one of our main charities because we work in solidarity with CAFOD in supporting our brothers and sisters around the globe in eliminating poverty and injustice.

If we are to to truly become a Church to the poor, then we must strive to ensure that our children know that we live in a global society and we must strive to bring the experiences of those less fortunate than ourselves, from other countries, into each and every classroom.

CAFOD website 

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